The Appeal Of Western Wear

Have you noticed recently how attractive western apparel is on women, or how ruggedly sexy men look in western wear? Take the next opportunity to check out how cowboy boots compliment the lines of the legs and strength of a person’s stance. There’s just something about western style wear that increases people’s visual appeal. People tend to appear rather distinctive when wearing western clothes. It would be fun to have a western wear revival spread across the country.

Admittedly, there are issues with western wear. Everyone has to face the debate of pointed toe cowboy boots, or round toe cowboy boots. Then there is the shirt dilemma: do you wear the back with the double points, or do you go for the single point backed shirt? Will it be gingham, denim, plaid, plain or fancy? Western apparel obviously can be the cause of some consternation. Do you really even want to face the challenging world of cowboy hats? So many choices- do you pick straw, felt, or leather? What color hat will you choose? Do you want a broad brim or a narrow brim? Rolled brim or flat? Will that be a band, or a feather? Cowboy hats say so much about who you are, you have to choose well. Then there are the jeans: boot cut or stove pipe? Bunched at the bottom or ankle length? Obviously, western wear/ western apparel offers plenty to keep the fashion-hungry well fed. And just as importantly, western apparel has plenty to keep the eyes happily engaged, as you check out all the folk in their country finest.

If we are really lucky, electric bulls will show up on the scene again in larger numbers. You know, just have a bull at the back of the bar, beside the pads with all the cowboy boot scuff marks from where people have hit the wall. That is always fun to see- some desk jockey who has been magically transformed into Clint Eastwood by his western wear who discovers that donning western apparel doesn’t make you a rodeo hero. They tend to make such interesting shapes long about the time their feet are tumbling over their head. It’s also great to see a group of guys take on the bull en masse. First guy up is either the macho “I’ll take on anything and win” guy, pointed tip cowboy boots and all, or the poor cowpoke who got pushed into riding. Then every other guy has to prove himself on the machine. Western wear will make you a man, or the bull will make you go to the chiropractor. Then there are the ladies who become emboldened by their cowboy boots and take on the bull. The best are the women who ride at super slow speeds. But no matter how poorly or well they ride, they all look better due to their western apparel–jeans, cowboy boots, shirts and hats.

So go out and take a look around. You may not be in an area where many people wear the style, but when you look, you’ll realize that you always see at least one person with some sort of western wear on, or at least one person sporting cowboy boots. Heck, it is even that way in the movies, with at least one western wear clad extra in a scene. Enjoy.

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